What makes Driscoll Jubilee the queen of the crop?

There are over 30 home-grown varieties of strawberries….but only one stands head and shoulders above the rest!

When you spot the Driscoll Jubilee name upon your punnet of strawberries, you can be sure to discover a sweeter and much more flavoursome variety every single time.

The succulent rich flesh, mouth-watering taste and distinctive fresh aroma of this perfect ruby coloured, heart shaped strawberry is what sets the Queen of the crop apart, differing significantly in both quality and taste.

How do we create the sweet flavour? We'll let you into a secret...!

In 1997 13,000 seedlings from the Driscolls breeding programme were planted out in a test plot in West Kent.

After a 3 year selection process a seedling was selected to become the Driscoll Jubilee Strawberry.

The seedling was selected because of its significant levels of sweetness and classic strawberry flavour, and named Driscoll Jubilee in honour of the Queens Silver Jubilee.

The excellent flavour of Driscoll Jubilee isn't only due to high sugars, but also the contribution and balance of various acids and aroma components.

Furthermore, not only do Driscoll Jubilee Strawberries taste good, they actually do you good!